Acu-cranio Treatment

“Acu-cranio” is a unique healing art which blends the ancient practice of Acupuncture with Craniosacral Therapy. In essence, it is hands-on healing combined with needles. The intention is to deepen the experience of having an acupuncture treatment by engaging the entire body and nervous system through touch. Each session is customized to the individual and their needs in the moment.

A treatment begins with acupuncture to soften the muscles, relax the nervous system and unwind any kinks that are creating discomfort in the body. This is followed by 20-30 minutes of craniosacral therapy which can then, more specifically, address any physical, psychological or emotional imbalances.

A customized acupuncture session with craniosacral therapy can gently ease restricted nerve pathways and optimize the flow or movement of the fluid in the spinal column, deepening your experience of acupuncture in a very effective manner.