Biotherapeutic Drainage

How Can Biotherapeutic Drainage help?

Throughout our lives we are inundated with events, information and substances we use and physical illness, emotional traumas and spiritual challenges. Drainage is about processing and integrating all of these experiences so that patients may recover fully to the original state of optimal health. Utilized in Europe for over 70 years, Biotherapeutic Drainage is a unique philosophy and methodology devised to eliminate toxins without forcing the body into detoxification (which may cause an aggravation) and regulate the proper functioning of the organs, tissues and glands.

How does the body use drainage to eliminate toxins?

The body utilizes emunctories for the elimination of toxins. These emunctories are drainage routes that are separated into two categories. The primary ones include the liver, kidney, intestines, lungs. The secondary routes of elimination include the skin, mucous membranes, nose and genitals. When the primary routes are not functioning adequately, the secondary routes are recruited in order to facilitate elimination of toxic material. When both primary and secondary routes are not functioning efficiently, it may lead to an unnatural accumulation of toxins.

What is the difference between Drainage and Detoxification?

Drainage is a process of detoxifying the body by opening emunctories (a part or organ of the body that functions in carrying off waste products) and then discharging the toxic accumulations. Drainage is very different than detoxification. With detoxification, the body is forced to release its’ toxins into the bloodstream. The body may or may not be able to eliminate these toxins via the primary emunctories. If the emunctories are not working correctly, the body must then store these toxins again. With drainage, the remedies stimulate the body to eliminate toxins and to increase the function of the natural routes of elimination. Therefore, the toxins have an efficient route of elimination. Drainage acts on three levels: at the cell, tissue and organ level.

What happens when the body is overloaded?

In today’s world, an individual is faced with environmental toxins, dietary toxins, chronic stress, pharmaceutical drugs and poor lifestyle choices. When the body gets overloaded, waste begins to build up. The body, in its wisdom, tries to store these toxins first in places that will do less harm such as the fat tissue, connective tissue, muscles, tendons, veins and arteries. The body may develop stones, tumors, skin conditions, ulcers, chronic infections, autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue etc. as the body attempts to deal with the toxins. In a healthy system, the primary routes are working at an optimum level and toxins are effectively eliminated by the primary emunctories.

How does Biotherapeutic Drainage help with toxins?

Biotherapeutic Drainage assists the body in optimizing elimination. It both eliminates toxic accumulation and stimulates the proper function of organs in order to improve the patient’s overall health. Dr. Karlin uses drainage in her practice to help open the primary and secondary emunctories so that the body is able to eliminate the internal and external toxins that are acquired and accumulated in the body.