Detox & Reset Habits Program

Are you ready to Detox & Reset?

This Quarantine has been a doozy and it’s time to get back into our healthy routines.

I know its been rough but we can do it together!
Let’s do the detox that we are all needing.

Let’s help each other to clean up our eating, exercising, mindful practices and get back in the healthy zone.
We are just about to come out of this Quarantine and it’s time to be as prepared as possible. There will continue to be ups and downs in the next year and we need to be strong physically and emotionally.

It is time to get healthy!

Join this interactive and transformative webinar program:

Tuesdays, June 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th. Time: 7-7:45pm, PST.

Detox & Reset Habits Program

This program will give you options to create an individualized level of participation.
So, it will work for any lifestyle. And, It can be tailored to fit your needs.
At all levels, you will find a shift in your life because of the techniques you implement.
Therefore, you will be able to easily apply these tools in small and large impactful ways.
You already know what you need to do, you just need the time and support to do it!

  • Week 1: First, we establish our diet and lifestyle goals.
  • Week 2: Next, the focus is on supporting the emotional challenges that occur when we face transformation and create new habits.
  • Week 3: Then, it is important to map out our priorities in our life and how we can achieve a balance that fits for us as individuals. As we increase our detoxification, we feel lighter and can connect more with our priorities and align ourselves accordingly.
  • Week 4: Lastly, establishing longevity in the changes we have created. Post-program instilling of habits created is the most often over-looked step. And, it is the greatest predictor of long-lasting change.
  • Some participants may find additional support is necessary. Supplements may be needed for those who want help with energy, metabolism, detoxification pathways, etc. A discounted 30 minute session will be available to those who need that extra support during the cleanse.
  • There will be access to a chat group for community support for all involved.

Groups create a powerful transformative experience.

What we are unable to do alone, we achieve together.

Details of the Detox & Reset:

Where and When: From the comfort of your own home!
Zoom on-line presentation on Tuesdays; June 9th, 16th, 23rd,30th. Time: 7pm-7:45pm PST.
Cost: Early Bird Registration: $150 by June 5th. Regular Registration: $200 after June 5th.
Discount: $130 if you sign up with a partner/friend. Make it more fun and do it with someone you can share the journey and the successes along the way!
Sign Up!: Call Well Being Medical Center at 310-395-0077 or email [email protected] Limited space available. Sign up today!!

Testimonials from a previous Detox program:

“It certainly helped me jumpstart my metabolism and gain back life perspective. The support and guidance through the program was key for me.” L.N.

“The course content was very comprehensive! I appreciated the Mind – Body – Spirit emphasis throughout.” J.J.

“The progam was a 10/10! All my goals were met by this program. Love you!” H.E.

“Just being committed to something and knowing you are part of a group inspires you to make choices and cut things out you may have not had the desire to do before.” A.K.

“Started to feel more consciously aware of my relationship to food. Enjoyed the gentleness of the detox; wasn’t too drastic, liked the ability to check in as a group.” C.K.

  Reset & Renew Lifestyle Patterns

I know you are ready to do this. I am! Let’s do it together!

Coming out of Quarantine

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