In the current state of being in the world…

It seems that everyone I run into has either gone through a breakdown, is in one, or is entering one. The stress of life has taken on a new level of agitation. As I walk or bike down the streets, I’m hearing people yelling at each other, cursing and seemingly just losing it.

There is no doubt that life is clamping down.

The election is coming up. Social injustice is screaming for the long overdue attention. The deaths continue to climb from the pandemic. The big unknown of how all of this will unfold. Will there ever be the other side of this tube we are all being squeezed through? This relentless barrage of one tragedy after another and seemingly no escape for most of us through our normal routes of travel, socializing, and sheer merriment!

When things get rough around the edges,..

There are always going to be those who look to others to project their anger onto, distract, divert, and digress their way through a difficult time. There are also those who are on the continuous path of searching to see what opportunity for growth and increased awareness any new situation can bring. The silver lining that is always there but can only be seen by those who look at life through that particular lens that can find the gold nugget anywhere. Even in the midst of a breakdown

This is an Impeccable Breakdown.

The pure need to break down the matrix of what is existing. Then, something new and hopefully better, stronger and more resilient can be built in the stead of the old. A releasing of the old stories. And, the old belief system. And, the outdated programs that keep running on repeat even though we feel we have moved way past them. It isn’t an easy path to break these old crusty and rusted in place synaptic connections in our brain and heart. But, one of the ways to chink the metal and flake off the rust, is to have a breakdown.

Rumi has this quote that I often refer to:

I saw Grief drinking a cup of sorrow and called out, “it tastes sweet, does it not?”. “You’ve caught me”, Grief answered, “and have ruined my business. How can I sell sorrow when you know it is a blessing.” That is one of the best descriptions of how we can find joy and gifts in everything we go through.

Even in the breakdown.

So, wherever you are in this crazy moment of time, find the joy in the misery. Find the light in the darkness. Find the path forward that helps you to create something more resilient. Because you have made it through another crazy day of chaos that swings like a pendulum to the other side inhabited by control. Perhaps you can release the control. Be fluid with the chaos. And then, sit dead center, watching it all. Finding the stillness amidst the wobble.