Webinar: Listening to Your Body’s Wisdom

Are you stuck in habits that are unhelpful?
Do you want to be more conscious in the choices you are making?
Are you feeling grounded in your body or consumed by the thoughts in your mind?
Do you feel you are unable to understand your body’s signals and discern what they are asking you to do?
Are you tapped in to your body’s wisdom?
Or are you making decisions based on belief systems that no longer serve you?

Your body has the wisdom inside you and is just waiting for you to listen. It already knows the answers to how you need to show up in all aspects of your life. All you need to do is have the time, space and guidance to understand how to listen. Whether it has to do with habits concerning lifestyle or relationships or creating your life purpose, the answers are there. Let’s take some time to review, contemplate and realign our choices with our goals and purpose and get into a life that flows more easily.
Photo Cred: Tia Esther

It is time to pause and listen!

Join this interactive and transformative webinar program:

Tuesdays, May 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th. Time: 6:30-7:15pm, PST.

Remove belief systems that are affecting your decisions.

This program will create an individualized level of participation.
So, it will work for any lifestyle. And, It can be tailored to fit your needs.
At all levels, you will find a shift in your life because of the techniques you implement.
Therefore, you will be able to easily apply these tools in small and large impactful ways.
You already know what you need to do, you just need the time and support to do it!

The Basic Run Down of our Time Together:

  • Week 1: First, we establish our lifestyle goals and the places we need to change. This includes: diet, exercise, and lifestyle habits but this is NOT a detox or a cleanse. This is becoming aligned with the way we are choosing to live our lives and consciously aware of the choices we are making while removing unwanted belief systems.
  • Week 2: Next, the focus is on supporting the emotional challenges that occur when we face transformation and create new habits. This step looks at the relationship with our selves and others.
  • Week 3: Then, it is important to map out our priorities in our life and how we can achieve a balance that fits for us as individuals. As we remove what is stuck and move into a more grounded place, we feel lighter and can connect more with what is most important and align ourselves accordingly.
  • Week 4: Lastly, establishing longevity in the changes we have created. Post-program instilling of habits created is the most often over-looked step. And, it is the greatest predictor of long-lasting change.
  • Extra Individual support will be recommended for those who need help with emotional support, one-on-one time, or any other additional help through booking an appointment with Dr. Karlin
  • Extra Nutritional support will be provided by booking an appointment w/Ashley, our center’s nutritionist.
  • Group support: there will be access to a facebook chat group for community involvement for all in the program.

Groups create a powerful transformative experience.
What we are unable to do alone, we achieve together.

Details of the Program:

Where and When: From the comfort of your own home!
Zoom on-line presentation on Tuesdays: May 9, 16, 23, 30. Time: 6:30pm-7:15pm PST.
Cost: Early Bird Registration: $150 by April 26th.
Regular Registration April 27th-May 8th: $200 per person.
Discount for signing up with a partner/friend: $130 each. Make it more fun and do it with someone you can share the journey and the successes along the way!
Sign Up!: Call Well Being Medical Center at 310-395-0077 or email [email protected]. Limited space available. We are only accepting the first 15 people so we can have the space for individual attention. Sign up today!!
Matierials: There will be a questionnaire prior to each week that will be provided as soon as you sign up!

Testimonials from a previous program:

“It certainly helped me jumpstart my metabolism and gain back life perspective. The support and guidance through the program was key for me.” L.N.

“The course content was very comprehensive! I appreciated the Mind – Body – Spirit emphasis throughout.” J.J.

“The progam was a 10/10! All my goals were met by this program. Love you!” H.E.

“Just being committed to something and knowing you are part of a group inspires you to make choices and cut things out you may have not had the desire to do before.” A.K.

“Started to feel more consciously aware of my relationship to food. Enjoyed the gentleness of the detox; wasn’t too drastic, liked the ability to check in as a group.” C.K.


Detox your Body & Mind

It is always a good time to practice self-care.

I know you are ready to do this. Let’s do it together!

Achieving our full potential takes attention and care.

 Sign Up Today!
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