How is your pain management techniques different than what I have experienced in the past? Can you treat my pain successfully? Post surgery pain? My doctor said there is nothing I can do for my arthritic pain, can you help?

Why do I have pain? 

There are many factors that can cause pain.

  • arthritis
  • traumatic injury
  • surgery
  • postural issues
  • stress/emotions
  • musculoskeletal issues
  • ligament/tendon inflammation/overuse

How do you treat pain?

Regardless of the causative factor of pain, it can be treated using the techniques that I have acquired through my two decades of practice and training. Most of my pain treatment is via acupuncture including Auricular Medicine, Dr. Tan’s Balance Method and, Acu-Cranio work.

The brain is responsible for the pain signals that occur in the body. Treating the brain and rewiring the synaptic connections that have been established, whether acute or chronic, can change the pain signal. When we are in chronic pain, the pain pathways have gone through cortical thickening and therefore, the brain will automatically use the synaptic connection established, without trying to formulate a new pathway.

We can compare this to hiking a well worn trail in the woods. It is easier to take the path that has been carved out by many travelers then weed whack a new trail. To create a new pathway, one that is not well worn, it takes effort and continued use. When the brain is reset, it can start to create a new pathway that is reinforced through the continued information from the semi-permanent needles of auricular medicine. Therefore, the pain is removed and the injured or dysfunctional area can be healed. For more information on how this works please see the information by clicking here: Auricular Medicine by Nogier.

Because everyone has a different cause of their pain, there is no generalized protocol. But, I do a personalized evaluation of what each patient needs and treat accordingly. Therefore, treatments can vary greatly from individual to individual. 

More than pain management: What techniques do you use to treat and remove pain?

Auricular medicine uses the ear, a neurological extension of the brain because of its many innervations, including several cranial nerves. This gives the ear a direct correlation to the central nervous system, the brain and the spinal cord, to create a dramatic impact on the pain complex.

Supplementation, homeopathic medicine, diet and nutritional evaluation, retraining the musculoskeletal system and removing the emotional factor that can be induced by pain or vice versa, are all a part of the treatment that I provide as needed for each individual.

Sometimes the pain can be removed with just one needle, sometimes it takes all of the techniques I have to change the system and reboot (like resetting the hard drive of a computer). 

Still not sure this type of pain management will work for you?

Here are some of the cases I’ve treated over the years…

  • Bone on bone arthritic pain was successfully treated from 8/10 pain to 0/10 pain that has continued to remain eliminated since 2008. The patient’s orthopedic surgeon said that surgery was the only option for pain relief.
  • Post-surgerical pain has been reduced/eliminated and pain medications avoided due to treatments. 
  • Back pain that has been present for 30 years has been eliminated with one treatment.

Read about my own experience with pain-free post-surgical care under recent posts.