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Anxiety and Depression

“When I first came to see Dr. Karlin my body was broken, both physically and mentally. I could not sleep, I was experiencing major anxiety, I was overweight and depressed. With her support, encouragement and knowledge, I am now a completely different person. I have more energy than I have had in years. I am sleeping soundly and most importantly, I am happy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for “fixing” my broken body and spirit. I could not have done it without you!”

Valerie G.

“Dr. Karlin, I just wanted to say thank you for your help yesterday. I was feeling like a ball of emotion when I came in and when I left I felt it had lifted. I had a nap after – what a treat! I’m feeling much more relaxed and calm. Whatever you did was just the ticket. I always feel better after a visit with you and for that I am truly grateful”

Jill H.

“I walked into Dr. Karlin’s office almost three years ago and was living a life filled with anxiety and angst. I distinctly remember her telling me, as I described my anxiety level a 7 out of 10 that someday it would be zero. At that time, I had accepted that anxiety was very much a part of me. I was actively seeking ways to avoid medication to control it and turned towards Naturopathic medicine. Our early appointments were filled with addressing physical aliments that had gone unaddressed after I had my children. She spent nearly 90 minutes with me asking questions and learning about my history and lifestyle. She ordered a complete blood panel work up and we met again a few weeks later to come up with a wellness plan. Over time, I have followed her plan and lifestyle recommendations and have been amazed at the changes I have experienced not only in my health and mental well being but in the way I now approach life. Along the way, she has prescribed supplements and homeopathic remedies along with other types of treatment like hypnotherapy and reiki healing to supplement the healing process. At my follow up appointment the other day, I answered a solid “zero” when she asked what my level of anxiety was. We both looked at each other with huge smiles on our faces and thought about the journey to get to this number. Being Dr. Karlin’s patient has had such a positive impact on my life, I even bring my two children in to see her and have referred friends and family. I am truly grateful for finding Dr. Karlin and Wellbeing Medical Center.”

Angie L. (Santa Monica)

Anti-aging – Facial Rejuvination

“Dr. Karlin, You have given me the best Birthday present of all —– my health and a tight non-saggy face. Thank you again for the excellent care you give me!!!! You are the BEST. You are keeping me in good and beautiful health”.

Mira S.

Microcurrent Therapy for the face improves muscle tone, stimulates blood circulation and increases the body’s natural production of collagen and elastin which are the integral components of supple, firm, and youthful skin. It mimics our own electrical activity of the cell and therefore helps to repair cells, stimulate new cell growth and maintain cellular health. It enhances the mechanism of the cell membrane to eliminate waste and take nutrients into the cell. It is a painless, non-invasive treatment that will not cause bruising or bleeding.

Please see below Before & After photos.
Facial rejuvenation treatment was applied for 4 weeks to get these results. In particular, notice the lines around the mouth and the decreased droopiness of the eyelids.

Please call the office to get a free 10 minute consultation to see if you are a good candidate for facial rejuvenation.




“Dr. Karlin, I wanted to thank you so much for the burn remedies. My friend took her daughter to the plastic surgeon on Tuesday for another evaluation and to determine if she would need skin grafts. The doctor was amazed at her progress and had never seen a patient heal so rapidly and so well. She will not need skin grafts!!!! Thank you!!!! Also, I’m already feeling better and Gabrielle has shown improvement also. Thank you so much!!! You are such a great doctor and very inspiring for me!!!”

Kaisa L.


“Dear Dr. Karlin, I am feeling so much better day by day. Less pain and it seems that there is an excretion of water/toxins going on. My weight has dropped, which has meant a decrease in pain (Fibromyalgia-type) and tightness that increase ability to move and even think more clearly….Also, my daughter slept well after your acupuncture treatment and positive interaction with you. She smiled a few times!!
We really appreciate your abilities and Gift of Healing!”

Paula P.

Infertility / Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome / Post-Partum Depression

“I have wanted to write this letter for 12 months now! I found Dr. Karlin after I found out I had PCOS. I had seen a couple OB-GYN’s and a holistic doctor about the PCOS/infertility and never felt comfortable with any of them. They were either insensitive to the issue or they wanted to start giving me prescription drugs. I don’t even like to take Tylenol for a headache so I knew I didn’t want to go that route.

I can’t remember exactly how I found her but I immediately felt at ease with Dr. Karlin. She listened to my concerns and was genuinely empathetic. I left my first visit with hope and a sense of peace knowing that whatever happens will happen and that stressing about not being able to conceive a baby right now wouldn’t help me. Within 3 visits I had reached the comfortable conclusion that we were doing all we could (naturally and holistically), that we would enjoy our life (always live in the moment!) and that we would become pregnant when we were ready to become pregnant.

Well it was a couple weeks after that third appointment that we found out we were pregnant! I continued to see Dr. Karlin throughout my pregnancy and even saw her afterwards to help me with PPD and the headaches that I was having. OH! And she even helped me lose the baby weight! I weigh less not than I did when I became pregnant – woo hoo!

I am very thankful to have found Dr. Karlin and have since referred my brother, parents, aunt, uncle, and even our little Milo has been in for a few visits. I know we will always be loyal patients of Dr. Karlin :)”

Shona Tavitian

Ovarian Cysts / Fibroids

“Dr. Karlin is working wonders for me. I have had hormonal imbalance all my life. For the past eight years it got worse and worse because more hormonal imbalances arose, such as multiple fibroids and ovarian cysts.

Two months ago I was hospitalized and underwent surgery and blood transfusion all from complications of the above conditions. I have been battling with severe bleeding and pain. I was prescribed with a lot of medical interventions none of them worked for me. I thought my pain and suffering would not end. I was getting frustrated and depressed until a month ago. My husband and I came across another option, which is to seek treatment from a naturopathic doctor. I went online and researched for the best one I could find.

When I decided to go with Dr. Karlin, it was not only that she is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable, but she is very responsive, warm and caring. Right there and then I trusted her. Initially, she started me with a once a week treatment. But because I was in very, very bad shape, she recommended a series of treatments, which is composed of two times weekly for five weeks. But only after two weeks of treatments my pain is 98% gone and I gained about 80% of my energy. I feel more like myself that I am going back to work in a week after being on disability for a month & a half.

Thank you Dr. Karlin for giving me light and hope. You are a miracle and blessing to me”

Barbara K.

Pain Management:
Back Pain / Neck Pain / Osteoarthritis – joint pain

Acupuncture for Pain Management in West Los Angeles

Back Pain:

“I suffered with back pain for 3 years. After meeting with Dr. Karlin for 2 sessions and receiving acupuncture treatments, I am pain free. I can only say, ‘thank you’, however the positive impact on my life….words cannot describe”

Karen S.

Osteoarthritis / Joint Pain:

“I have been seeing Dr.Karlin for acupuncture to relieve pain in my thumb, which was diagnosed as arthritis by my ‘Western’ doctor. He looked at me and said, ‘Sorry, there’s nothing we can do.’

So, I presented it to Dr. Karlin and she has brought my pain level down from about an 8/10 to almost 0/10. I am very pleased with the results and will continue to come back for any other pain I might experience. Her technique is unique and it feels so great to heal naturally. Thank you Dr. Karlin!”

Hope E.

Neck Pain, Headaches:

“After surgery at the Lennox Hill Hospital in Manhattan, I contracted a severe rash, which persisted for nearly one year. I was treated by two internists and three dermatologists without effective results. Dr. Karlin diagnosed the problem and the rash was eliminated in two treatments.

I also suffered from severe headaches and neck pain for nearly 11 years. The treatments I received from specialists were ineffective and resulted in severe side effects from the prescribed pain- killers. During Dr. Karlin’s first acupuncture treatment, my headache dissipated within minutes of the needles being inserted. Furthermore, her treatment protocol is treating the root cause and my duration, frequency and intensity of the pain all continue to improve”

Harry K.


“After surgery, I contracted a severe rash, which persisted for nearly one year. I was treated by two internists and three dermatologists without effective results. Dr. Karlin diagnosed the problem and the rash was eliminated in two treatments.

I also suffered from severe headaches and neck pain for nearly 11 years. The treatments I received from specialists were ineffective and resulted in severe side effects from the prescribed pain- killers.

During Dr. Karlin’s first acupuncture treatment, my headache dissipated within minutes of the needles being inserted. Furthermore, her treatment protocol is treating the root cause and my duration, frequency and intensity of the pain all continue to improve”

Harry K.

Chronic & Acute Sinusitis

“Dr. Karlin, You have given me the best Birthday present of all —– my health and a tight non-saggy face. After a big coughing & nose-blowing episode when I left the office, my nose – both sides – are functioning as they should. Now if it will continue to stay unclogged and allow me to sleep tonight, I will be one very happy camper. Thank you again for the excellent care you give me!!!! You are the BEST. You are keeping me in good and beautiful health”

Myrna S.

“The most shocking and amazing remedy I’ve ever experienced for a head cold was Dr. Karlin’s wet sock treatment. I followed her directions and the congestion cleared faster, not to mention I slept like a baby every night I did it. Of course, I never would have dreamed cold wet socks could help me when sick!”

Angela H.

Urinary Tract Infections

“I had been having urinary burning and discomfort off and on for years. Finally, Dr. Karlin diagnosed me with cystitis and I was cured within weeks!! After a long road… I am so thankful!”


Weight Gain

Weight Loss Treatment in West Los Angeles

“When I started working with Dr. Karlin I was a broken person. My body was broken, my heart was broken, and my spirit was broken. I had been seeing Dr. Karlin for about a year when we started on a journey that has completely changed my life. She had said from the beginning that she had a plan for me but it was hard for me to share in her enthusiasm of the vision. It wasn’t that I didn’t trust her, but more that my goals for myself felt like a lifetime away. Not only did I have a significant amount of weight to lose, I also had serious health issues stemming from heavy metal toxicity. Dr. Karlin had a plan for me that she assured me would help everything.

It’s probably important to give a little back story. I had been overweight the majority of my life. I only remember going from being in child sizes to being too big to shop in regular stores. I remember being in elementary school and writing a desperate letter to my mother begging for help to get my weight under control. At that time I thought I could lose weight by eating some fruit and drinking Tab soda all day. As an adult, I hated my body. I hated the way clothes looked and felt on me. I hated the way pants would dig into my sides and shirts that were too tight left me feeling exposed. I was ashamed of my body.

I was raised in a household of either desperate dieting or a lack of any conscious eating habits. Throughout my life I tried all the diets but nothing ever worked for me. Any weight loss that I did have never lasted. Predictably, I only gained back even more weight. My body was something that I internally obsessed over every. single. day. Externally, most people would have never have guessed how much pain I was in. I did not have a healthy relationship with myself and I usually put everyone and everything ahead of myself.

I had reached a place in my life when I was truly and deeply ready to change my life. I was the heaviest I had ever been, my body was completely out of balance, and I was profoundly depressed. Dr. Karlin had a plan and we started scheduling the different phases of our work. This involved a serious detoxing/weight loss plan utilizing the HCG diet, acupuncture, NET testing, supplements, etc. She assured me that she would help me through every phase of the process and I trusted her completely. I needed for things to change and was willing to surrender to the process.

Whoa…talk about a process! I’ve lost over 55 lbs. in 8 months going from a size 18-20 to an 8-10. My symptoms from my heavy metal poisoning have gone away and I feel amazing! I am a different person today and not just on the outside. I’m not going to lie to you…it can be an intense experience. I laugh to this day when I think back to beginning the process and Dr. Karlin said in a very gentle way, “Sarah, some emotional things may come up for you as you are going through this process. I just want you to know I am here for you and we will work through it”. I didn’t really know what to expect. As it turns out, I had some pretty difficult things to work through that had been stored inside my body and I was SO grateful to have someone to support me through it like Dr. Karlin.

There are many things I have to say about the overall experience but I think the most important thing is to listen to your body and fully commit yourself to it with Dr. Karlin as your partner in the process. TRUST HER and trust what your body is telling you. There may be times when you go into an appointment feeling fine and leave crying…for a couple of days. There may be times when you don’t know how your relationship with your elementary school gym teacher may have anything to do with your weight loss goals but trust me…they do. You have to remember that you are releasing some pretty serious stuff and the experience will bring you into a better place of balanced living and well being.

I feel it is important to repeat that this experience is a PROCESS for your mind, your body, and your spirit. You may think that you know what your issues are but many times I was surprised what my body would share with me. I believe that my weight loss will be a lifetime change because we approached my healing in a complete way. I changed my lifestyle and I have a different relationship with myself and my body. I couldn’t be any more grateful! I know my body isn’t perfect but I am perfectly happy with it. I still have areas that I would like to work on but overall I’m beyond thrilled with the results. I never went off the exact protocol given to me by Dr. Karlin and she was my primary source of information and guidance.

Recently I was on a trip in the Caribbean and taking a walk (in a bikini top and shorts) in the rainforest during a warm tropical rainstorm. As the warm water trickled down on me, I felt such gratitude for the strength in my body and the peace of mind I had achieved. You see, I was in the same exact place a year before and could barely breath on the same walk. I couldn’t think clearly and was in distress. I could only think of the ways that I was limited and was in general feeling sadly negative. I was horrified that I got to go to such amazing places but couldn’t enjoy them because I was didn’t feel well. I was weak and physically so burdened.

Today at the age of 41, I have boundless energy and do not feel limited by anything. I exercise most days and love it. I have a completely different relationship with my body and have a much better understanding of what it requires to take care of myself…and I make it a priority! I don’t know that there are enough words to express my gratitude to Dr. Karlin for the services, support, and guidance she provided me throughout this process. She truly is my partner in my healthcare and she approaches each session with clarity and compassion. I honestly have no idea if I would have ever reached this place in my life without her. I LOVE YOU DK!!!”

Sarah K.

Detox Program

“After a four year struggle with my weight since my cancer treatments, I have finally seen results. After the first 2 weeks into the detox, I lost 12 lbs and my energy has increased dramatically throughout the day. I was never left hungry and the group setting made it easier than I could ever have imagined.”

Ashley M.

“I lost 7 pounds before the second week was up! I love the group support and the slowly taking away of foods—rather than a shock of restrictions from the get go. The group energy really makes a HUGE difference-I have done many detoxes and cleanses alone and this, by far, has been the easiest!!”

Joan S.

“I have always gained weight between 5-6 lbs during the holiday season. This year I needed a change to curb my appetite. Sugar and coffee were my enemies. I was so amazed by following this diet that my craving’s have all disappeared. What a great feeling!”

Joan V.

“I participated in the “Detox” program so that I could stop my “sugar and coffee” cravings and also jumpstart my sluggish digestive system. My sister and I took this journey together so that we could be supportive for one another. Also, since it is in a group setting, we had group email so that we could voice concerns, share thoughts and ask questions. You definitely felt “accountable”. It didn’t take long before my “sugar & coffee” cravings subsided — that was amazing!! I feel lighter and have much more energy… Dr. Karlin was so knowledgeable, supportive and most of all caring.”

Peggy S.

“After 36 years I gave up coffee. Having 8-10 cups per day, I really thought I was addicted but it was not as hard as I thought. In fact, it was easy. I truly believe this is a total lifestyle change for me. I will be 60yo next year and am ready to make changes to stay young, looking and feeling.”

April G.

“I do feel this detox has helped with my eczema and with more restful sleep. It was a good challenge and much less difficult than I had imagined. I’m very glad to have given up coffee! It’s been good overall to let go of little crutches I felt I needed to get hrough life. I don’t really need those things it was more of an illusion. The emotional work we did also really added dimension to this detox and was very helpful in letting go of things.”

Veronica G.

“Having a group setting was supportive and helped get me back on track with what I am eating. It helps to have discussions and support for emotional daily stresses that come up in all relationships. This experience brought more awareness to my overall health.”


“I love that this detox is gradual. This is my 3rd time doing it and I found it to be the easiest! It is really beneficial to have the support of the group and the guidance of Dr. Karlin. It has benefitted me in many ways. My face is very clear, I have lost weight, and I feel much more in tune with foods that are good for me. I feel lighter, more confident. Overall, it feels like the detox has helped me break free and regain my healthy outlook.”

Courtney S.

“I felt more grounded, more mental clarity. There had been some intentions I was having difficulty manifesting and once I was not clouded by so much physical toxicity, a lot opened up and my next steps became very clear. Making decisions around next steps also became much easier.”

Mandy M.

“Knowing you are not alone makes the experience easier. The protocol is very easy to follow, no pressure, lots of support. Lifestyle changes are very easy to incorporate for lasting change. Lots of tools for support, new experiences with mediation…. And I will continue to use in my daily life.”

Stephanie J.

“The support of the group was amazing. It was much easier than I expected, having guidelines helped tremendously as did understanding the reason behind it all. That helped to not reach for sugary items, bread, etc. I cut out dairy, wheat, sugar, corn, caffeine, alcohol, even grains. The sense of accomplishment felt great and best of all it feels like something I’ll be able to continue in my life. It’s not just a one-trick pony. 🙂 Being able to meet each week with questions and having the support of experience at Well Being, it now comes naturally because they explained everything so well. Thank you!”

Janelle L.

“My favorite things was how the detox gradually cut down things and allowed my body time to adjust. It was much more realistic and feasible for me than I thought it would be…. For someone who never ate vegetables in the past, I’m excited to see how different my diet will continue to be in the future.”

Nell S.

“The group detox was truly a positive holistic health experience. It has made me more in touch with what my body needs and what my body has been trying to reject as well as made me aware of how to listen to my instincts and the way my body expresses its needs. Having professionals there to guide me and a group to give some support has made my success possible. I would recommend it to anyone.”