Dr. Tan’s Balance Method

I had the honor of attending and training under Dr. Tan before he passed away. He was able to put together many different Chinese acupuncture systems to discover an amazing result driven technique that can be used for any sort of pain.

I have used this technique successfully to treat pain with great relief that my patient’s other doctors have said are only surgical cases. One such type was “bone-on-bone” pain that an orthopedic surgeon diagnosed as purely surgical. After 2 months of treatment, she went from 8/10 pain to 0/10 and has remained there for the last 8 years. This is just one example of treatment effects using Dr. Tan’s style acupuncture that balances meridians for pain utilizing points away from the site of injury.

Using points away from the site of injury is also a wonderful way to treat post surgical patients or acute injury issues. Regardless of where the pain is, the affected area does not have to be disturbed (which can cause aggravation in some cases). Treatment can effectively reduce pain immediately and—after 5-8 weeks—can completely remove the pain long term.