Can you help me lose weight?

What causes weight gain?

Weight gain issues can range from being very straight-forward to a complex amalgamation of causation.

The basic first step of my approach is to look at the old adage of  “calories in vs. calories out.” In other words, are you eating a healthy well-balanced diet and exercising a sufficient amount to make sure that your caloric intake does not exceed your caloric needs. Pretty simple.

In most cases, there is a little more to the issue of weight gain.

How do my emotions affect my weight?

Our relationship with our body can become complicated when emotional issues are related to comforting ourselves with food. Many times, the desire to eat is not just coming from a place of hunger but from a void of emotional needs not being met.

When there is too much body fat, one loses the ability to feel hunger appropriately and that needs to be regained. Being mindful and increasing awareness of our body and the signals it provides, is a part of every treatment. A common reason for weight gain can be to numb the “too intense” feelings that are happening on a daily basis. Treating the overwhelm while reconnecting with the feelings in the body, needs to go together in a successful treatment protocol.

People also choose to eat out of boredom or fatigue.

Unwinding that relationship between emotions and food is an important step toward successful long-term weight loss. There are tools that can be acquired to differentiate between these motivating factors for overeating, and when combined with the appropriate treatment of the physical body, healthier choices become the new pattern.

Other issues that can play a factor include:

  • lack of restorative sleep
  • stress
  • thyroid issues
  • ovarian hormone imbalance
  • adrenal deficiency and fatigue
  • food sensitivities
  • gut inflammation
  • inability to utilize nutrition sufficiently, causing nutritional deficiencies
  • Toxins increase correlation to obesity by being stored in fat. Clearing out stored toxins helps the body release excess fat in a safe and gentle way without aggravation.

How do you treat weight gain?

When a patient comes in with the goal of weight loss, I address all the issues that can be playing a part in the weight gain.

First and foremost

I want to remove weight loss as the primary goal and have the goal of reestablishing connection with one’s body in a loving way and self-care as the chief concern. When a patient goes through the necessary steps, weight loss is a beneficial and imminent side effect.